Homemade Sourdough Bread

A simple micro-bakery with rustic Wyoming roots and California style, that creates unpretentious artisan style sourdough using only wild yeast and simple organic ingredients  Simply natural, wildly wonderful, and made locally in Visalia, California.

Delivery is Back and Even Better!

Prairie Flour Bread Co has joined up with Top O' The Morn Farms and now you can join the hundreds of families in the Central Valley that enjoy fresh authentic homemade sourdough bread and many other local products straight to your door. This is a one of a kind service.

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Get your Sourdough Bread Weekly

Prairie Flour Bread Co is proud and honored to be a part of the Visalia Farmers Market. Every week you can find your favorite freshly baked bread (insert aromas :) )at our local farmers market. Every week we feature several of our flavored breads for you to pickup and take home with other locally grown fresh produce. Come find us this week!

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Sourdough bread starter based in Visalia, CA. Fresh Sourdough bread delivered daily Visalia, CA. Homemade sourdough bread delivered to your door to Visalia CA. Fresh Sourdough bread delivered daily Visalia CA

Meet Jedidiah

A source of bubbly energy and family tradition; this wild yeast starter is the essential component of all Prairie Flour sourdough. He delights with an aromatic scent and fruitiness that cannot be mistaken. His personality encompasses the western nature of our family's generational appreciation for rugged sourdough.

Only The Finest Wheat

All great bread starts with the finest ingredients. Born and raised on the western prairies, our baker insists on baking with only wheat ingredients sourced from the families and farmers of the high plains where she grew up.

Sourdough bread starts with a sourdough starter made in Visalia, CA. Sourdough starters take time and love to get right. Sourdough bread requires only the best wheat flour in our ingredients.

What is a micro-bakery?

Glad you asked! A micro bakery is a small, independent bakery that offers the freshest products to locals who want the best quality and most authentic breads with "low food" miles.